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Story of Madhu

A Dreamer to a Business owner

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" – Lao Tzu.

Today's world is full of adventures and travellers who have wandered distance to find peace in the silence of mighty mountains and discover their souls. But what about the people who are residing there? Have you ever thought about people living in a distant mountain village without much infrastructure and facilities?

Today, we bring you one such story. A story very close to our hearts,

where we tried making a social impact in the life of Madhu.

Madhu, a middle-aged woman, lives in a quiet and beautiful Himalayan village of Khoon in the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. While the village hustles with a handful of tourists on weekdays, it remains sleepy, peaceful, and a loved destination for nature enthusiasts.

She had always dreamt of welcoming people worldwide, meeting them, and exchanging knowledge regarding each other's culture and diversity. Although she has started her venture, but could not promote it due to lack of knowledge about how to reach people and tell them about it..

As Wiwitan learned about her problem and her constraints in fulfilling her dreams, we got into a crux to solve her problem and start making it real on a ground level.

Being a huge tourist destination, Himachal Pradesh attracts a vast number of people from around the world. As per data provided by the Indian Brand Equity Federation, the domestic inflow in the state reached 16.83 million in 2019 alone, along with foreign tourist estimates being 383,000.

Understanding the massive potential of the state, we suggested tapping the increasing demand for homestays in the village.

However, the main challenge there was setting up their marketing and digital presence, as it had not reached maps properly, and the village was not quite famous. Hence, the infrastructure was not well developed.

Wiwitan came to her rescue with its initiative MEGH, through which we offered grants to the micro-entrepreneurs of the village and set up the hand-holding mechanism for their help.

The micro-grant offered by Wiwitan helped Madhu to make her digital presence for her homestay. Now, her dream is a fully functional reality, and it has a name, too- Rising Moon Homestay!

Wiwitan, in collaboration with Banni Khera Farms, India's first farm tourism project, cannot be more proud to help women like Madhu achieve their dreams. Today, many tourists flock to her homestay, fulfilling her dream of cultural interaction and an adequate livelihood.

As we watched Madhu's dream come true before our eyes, we felt elated. It is a testament to how even a small step in the right direction could make a big difference in many lives.

Learn more about our MEGH initiative - Micro Grant, Training and hand-holding on marketing & operations, here:

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