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Our mission is to implement highly impactful and innovative social initiatives that set into action long-term entrepreneurial thinking and doing among changemakers.

True to our innovative spirit, we have - 

Developed the world's first start-up game and game-based entrepreneurship program for students that make them future-ready with entrepreneurship and innovation skills

Developed games and game-based programs on Design Thinking and Innovation.

Developed a skill-based entrepreneurship enterprise to help students, women and youth to start and scale their micro-business through active training, mentoring, handholding & networking


Skilleit Social was started by two social entrepreneurs in 2019. Within its short journey of Four years, the foundation has grown and impacted more than 4,60,000 lives through training, including teachers, students, youth, and women in India and globally in entrepreneurship education. These are some of the most critical milestones in our journey so far -

We became a leading social sector organisation with our game-based entrepreneurship, start-up and Design Thinking, 21st century skills  programs for school students, rural women and youth.

We became the long-term knowledge and training partners in major government entrepreneurship projects including: - India's Biggest School Innovation Ambassador Training Program (a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, CBSE & Ministry Of Tribal Affairs) - Delhi Government's Entrepreneurship Curriculum Project - The Business Blaster Project - And many more ...

We brought in a mass entrepreneurship movement as we began working closely with central and state governments like: - the Ministry of Education, Delhi Government - Haryana Government - Gujarat Government - Maharashtra Government - Mizoram Government - Other premium Institutions like EDII (Ahmedabad) - And NGOs like Literacy India, etc.



  • Launching, establishing, and sustaining Entrepreneurship Education in every government school in the nation and at the grassroots level globally

  • Offer micro-entrepreneurship training for aspiring, lesser privileged entrepreneurs so as to create livelihood opportunities for them with a special focus on women

Image by Shane Rounce


To be the most innovative organisation that nurtures entrepreneurship with game-based programs at the grassroots level


Skilleit Social is led by a global team of leaders, partners, and volunteers driven by innovation and social impact. The combined experience of our team in the education, entrepreneurship, and social sector space spans over fifteen years.

Be part of the team 

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