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Every journey starts with a small step!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Pooja, Neha, Shahin, Anamika, and Khushboo are students from Pataudi Government Senior Secondary Girls School. They were part of our Neev program- where school students are taught entrepreneurial skills like creative problem solving, leadership, resource management, resilience, etc.

When our team went to their school, one of the major problems that the school faced was a lack of clean drinking water. The students believed that the school did not regularly clean the water tank, and Pooja, Neha, Shahin, Anamika, and Khushboo too were of the same opinion. These five girls were part of the same group (Kalpana Chawla group- which they chose the name themselves) for our entrepreneurship-based group activities.

After the program got over, one fine day, I received a call from their headmistress stating she had some good news. She informed me that inspired by what was taught during the program, the team- Kalpana Chawla, took it upon themselves to solve the water problem. The team realized it was not just a school issue but their collective issue and mobilized other students to help. They called a plumber who found out that monkeys toppled the water tank lid, which led to the contamination. So, they raised money from the student body and got a heavy lid for the water tank, which can be locked securely.

This is the potential of an entrepreneurship mindset- These five young girls went from blaming the school to taking control of a bad situation, identifying the root cause, and helping peers solve it.

It gives us sheer pleasure to see the impact of an Entrepreneurial mindset. When young adults acquire these skills, their mindsets can transform from being observers to problem-solvers and leaders, which will be beneficial to both their personal & professional lives and society at large.

We, at Wiwitan Foundation, provide Entrepreneurship & 21st-century skills training for school students through our Neev Programme. Know more about us at:


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