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A Neev Project

Start-up Saksharta to Saksham Abhiyaan is a project to conduct Entrepreneurship programs and future ready skill-based programs for 220 Students of 9th- 12th class of 4 Higher Secondary in Government schools of District Gurugram, Haryana. 

Objective of Startup “Saksharta to Saksham Abhiyan” Project

The project was conceptualized for  Govt. Schools Students, Haryana, India is to nurture entrepreneurial mindset at grass root level, through World’s 1st game based based Entrepreneurship Development Program “Heuristic” that has simplified the complex process of startups to be taught from grass root level and can be played by all ages irrespective of their social background, the game also helps redesign the thinking process of the player from a theory based thinker to a critical thinker with leadership skill.


The main objective of the program was to make students aware on the concept of entrepreneurship and the various stages of a startup in its journey from inception to implementation, the challenges faced and how to find practical solutions. The main aim of the pilot testing was to spark and ignite an entrepreneurial thinking while teaching how to visualize with passion and ambition to instill an out of the box way of thinking, the thinking would also help in other subjects as the students develop critical thinking and heuristic thinking skills.

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